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Thursday, September 20th 2018. | Simple Resume Template

30 Basic Resume Templates within Easy Resume Template 2228

30 Basic Resume Templates within Easy Resume Template

Simple Resume regarding Easy Resume Template 2228

Simple Resume regarding Easy Resume Template

30 Basic Resume Templates intended for Easy Resume Template 2228

30 Basic Resume Templates intended for Easy Resume Template


Easy Resume Template

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Professional resume templates give you the competitive advantage in todays challenging job market. Todays economic conditions are proving to be overwhelming for employers and job seekers alike as unemployment hovers around 9%.

Realistically, its impossible for employers to read every resume submitted. The average employer spends approximately 20 seconds scanning each resume. In some cases they may spend up to 30 seconds, but rarely anything longer than that. Thats why its important to present the information on your resume in a clear, concise, easy-to-read format! A professional resume template is just the tool you need to show potential employers your qualifications.

Professional resume templates are preformatted documents (typically created using Microsoft Word) that contain predefined settings like: margins, headings, fonts, styling, etc., that will give your resume a professional appearance. Basically, it provides you with a simple, fill-in-the-blanks form so you can jump start your resume writing process. Using a resume template youll find that theres plenty of "white space", which makes reading your resume much easier. Also, one of the predefined formatting settings is for bullet statements, which help break up paragraphs into eye-catching, easy to read statements.

Employers receive an overwhelming response to open job announcements and job seekers are competing against hundreds, even thousands of applicants. But make no doubt about it - companies are still hiring! Jobs are available, but youve got to be seen. Let me rephrase that, your resume needs to be seen!